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Onsite Staff — We provide steady, stable, affordable technology support by placing full or part time IT staff at our client’s location a set number of hours per week. This saves our clients the burden of recruiting and selecting their own “in house” IT staff. In addition, each of our onsite technicians are backed by our experienced team of engineers and technicians. We cross train and rotate our onsite technicians so that our clients do not have to worry about having to retraining due to employee turnover, or being short staffed due to sick leave or vacation.


  • Quickest Response Times
  • Maximizes performance and reliability
  • Minimizes employee down time
  • Low cost alternative to “in house” IT staff
  • Fixed cost during contract period

We offer a wide variety of plans and services. Please contact us and we will custom tailor a service plan that fits your exact needs and budget.

(formerly Platinum Service Plan)

Computer repair
Computer repair
Computer repair
Realize Information Technology, LLC
Realize Information Technology, LLC,
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Northeast Oklahoma
Northeast Oklahoma
Monitor and maintain servers, computers and network equipment, support for in-house IT staff, "hands on" support for corporations, simple break-fix repairs, Homeland Security clearance.
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