Realize Information Technology • computer repair PC and Network • Tulsa Oklahoma


We offer …

Realize is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

We’re a small company with big ideas! Everyone’s suggestions and ideas are valued and discussed together.

Weekly lunch-and-learns help team building and brainstorming. This round-table environment is one of our most popular internal innovations.

We want our employees to feel like they are part of a family here. We are a close-knit team.

Our all hands on deck atmosphere and attitude gives every employee an opportunity to contribute in some way and broaden their own skill set.

Open path for career and leadership advancements – We want to see you grow here. It’s as simple as that. Bring your skill and ambition, and show us how you can help our clients.

Aggressive profit sharing that rewards hard work – A unique opportunity to increase your earnings.


Minimum requirements

Professionalism – We expect our employees to show pride in their work and respect for the people around them. Some of these traits are common, and others are unique to individual personalities.

Strong communication skills – Employees who strive to improve their communication. Goals include; active listening, friendliness, empathy, confidence, nonverbal communication, open-mindedness and positive thinking.

Customer service focus – Our employees have the ability to put themselves in the clients’ shoes and imagine what kind of service they would like to receive if they were a customer.

Team player – The ability to assess actions and statements and how they effect the team.

Problem solver – We expect candidates who look at a problem and know they can break it down to smaller parts, and resolve the issue. We expect people to be familiar with patterns in digital systems.

Self-starter – Identify problems and solve them without intricate instructions from management.

Passionate about technology – Our employees find much of technology to be fun, or find it exciting to know they are doing something important. We want our employees to express what makes them passionate about technology.

Dedicated, responsible and motivated – This is rooted in how our employees see themselves and their work connected to the people they interact with.

Start to finish – Value follow-through and understand that completing a task makes it easier for the clients to achieve their goals.


Work environment

Fast paced – During a typical day, our employees will tackle a series of scheduled and unscheduled projects. For onsite work, the client expects Realize techs to arrive at a specific time.

Structured – Scheduling includes travel time and record keeping, with each task performed in accordance with best practices.


We are committed to providing the best customer service in our industry. If you are up to the challenge and want to be part of our team, please submit your resume for review.

All candidates must complete a skills assessment before being interviewed. All candidates must pass a detailed background check and drug screening before employment.