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Our response to COVID-19

  Everyone at Realize Information Technology is working to continue providing support for our clients and their needs while keeping their employees and our employees safe. We are classified as …

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Tips for working from home

Many businesses have asked staff to start working from home during the coronavirus outbreak. But, where to begin? What specific items need to be on your checklist? Here are some …


Sneakier spear phishing pointed at you

New “spear phishing” is ultra-sneaky … sneaky enough to trick senior managers Microsoft has issued a warning about “spear phishing” email campaigns finely tuned to get past defense systems. “Even …

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Managed service providers in Tulsa

Are your digital resources not fully in order? Are you looking for a managed services provider? Business-to-business tech support in Tulsa varies widely. As a result, you have options! A …

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Bucket full of bad stuff

Post #5 in threat types Hostile software presents a confusing problem for business owners. It’s hard to visualize the hazards. Words like “worm”, “virus” and “malware” seem interchangeable. Then there …

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Fake Microsoft login screens (Office 365)

Post #4 in threat types Hackers are creating fake Microsoft login screens using official logos and text. Abusing Microsoft’s branding is one more dirty trick in the hackers’ toolbox. By … ransomware 236600

Prevent ransomware attacks now

Post #3 in threat types Everyone knows that feeling. Being in a relaxed situation and suddenly recognizing betrayal. Whether it’s a personal matter or scammers targeting you, it hurts. What …