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Web Services includes Website Design, Website Management, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media Management. We partner with our clients and customize a strategic marketing plan that maximizes your reach to your target market. Our creative staff brings years of experience and has created a process that separates us from our competition.

We make it easy in three simple steps; discovery, customization, and delivery. Let us enable your business growth. Call today for your free consultation!

Website Design

We take the time to understand your company, culture, and goals. Our website design team delivers a customized web design for your target customers to be able to understand and engage with your business. We want to help create the best user experience for your customers, build brand loyalty, and drive company growth.

Our first priority is to accommodate your business goals and budget. From complex sites to a simple, one-page web presence.

With more than 20 years experience, we have seen exciting changes in internet technology.

Many web developers forget about the client’s goals, simply because development requires immersion in the immediate task. Sometimes they forget to look at a site from the perspective of a member of the public or even their client. Realize aims to avoid these common problems.

If you are just getting started, we offer a web presence starting at $500! This is a one-page site to establish your business or organization on the internet. We take time to understand your company, culture, and goals. Our design team delivers a customized web design for your target customers to understand and engage with your business. We want to help create the best user experience for your customers, build brand loyalty, and drive company growth.

Digital Marketing

Let us help you grow your business through digital marketing. We understand that digital marketing can be very time consuming. Our team can assemble an effective digital marketing strategy for your growth strategy. We have tools to help execute the best strategy to reach your target market.

Websites, SEO, marketing and social media: Who can you trust? The goal at Realize I.T. is to help you build a strong online presence and engage with customers. We are a Tulsa-based digital marketing company specializing in web design, search engine optimization, and social media management.

Marketing extends each businessperson’s desire to make positive changes. It shows ambition and a drive to earn respect for your products and services. Success in these matters leads to trust, then to more business and financial success. This is part of our tradition in Tulsa and other great cities as well. SEO and social media are parts of the internet economy we all recognize as important, but mastering both through marketing is a challenge. As is often the case, teamwork can get you to your destination. We’re offering to be part of your team.

With online commerce and social media growing substantially every day, Realize Information Technology helps ensure our clients’ websites stay relevant. Many businesses are missing new customers because of problems with their online presence. You probably know that consumers contact companies that come up in the first page of Google search returns. But, how to rise in the rankings?

Each time you market what your company does, you are sharing your creative problem-solving with other people. Of course the goal is to offer something that pleases your customers. The word “sell” can and should mean not just accepting money for something but building a positive relationship. It’s not corny to say that; it’s a crucial part of what we all expect when we seek out products and services.

You undoubtedly want to have direct influence in your own web presence. We can help! You can learn more about this with a free consultation. Our team can build a marketing plan to help you cast a wider net in the digital economy.

Next Steps…

If you are not sure what your business needs we can absolutely help! Our team will come up with a plan to help you set and meet your goals. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ensure your organization has visibility on Google and other search engines. Most of our clients want “free” or “organic” traffic from search engines. However, with a healthy budget, you can pursue a Google Ads campaign. All major search engines—such as Google and Bing—have primary search results, where web pages are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to the user’s query. Our goal is to get you on the first page of a Google search.

If you have listened to a presentation on SEO, you’ve heard terms like …

  • Beneficial Purpose
  • E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness)
  • YMYL (Your Money or Your Life)

… but what does that mean in the real world? It means that quick fixes are detrimental. It means that every SEO process you implement must be customer oriented.

Here is one aspect of SEO that consistently trips people up: Trying to compete on their competitors’ terms. If you did research and saw the other guy making a killing in Custom Widget B, should you be writing content about the same topic?

Your true starting point is the set of traits that make you most distinctive. You’ve got a Reversible Doodad that no one else has? Run with it! Note that identifying distinctive traits does not come naturally to everyone. It may take an outside perspective.

Gathering ideas? Recruit your associates. Ask them:

  • What is our product or service that is not mirrored by competitors?
  • What is the remarkable way one of our staff delivers products or services?
  • What was that unexplored idea you heard about one day at lunch?

These types of ideas are often closer than you ever imagined. Your greatest obstacle when looking for SEO ideas is being rigid in your expectations; rigid about how and when inspiration will arrive. It probably will not arrive when you are sitting at your desk during the pre-planned time. It will not arrive with the sound of trumpets; it will whisper.

Michiel Heijmans at says it this way:

“How can you branch out from your core selling points to very specific bits of information or service? Use these to stand out from the crowd. You don’t have to be better than your competition at everything…”


Google free video on choosing an SEO specialist. Take a look to get tips from the experts…

Tips for hiring an SEO specialist | Search for Beginners ( YouTube )


Social Media Management

Social media usage is increasing every day. Most customers review a company’s website and/or social media before making a purchase. We want to build your social media presence and ensure that your audience is engaging with your unique content. Let us help you utilize this tool to it’s full potential.

Social media may be the most under-utilized marketing resource for businesses. Several reasons:

  • Simplicity. An effective social media post is brief and includes an image. We’re not overlooking the fact that you have to make good use of that minimal content. But, a post is not a novel. Just saying.
  • Free. Granted, you have to pay a person to write and post. But the platforms are already developed and fully functioning. Plus, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have an existing audience in the billions of people. Check out this research… Oh, did we mention the free platform?
  • Under-utilized. Let’s do some math. If your competitors are not making effective use of social media, what is your appropriate response?

Don’t have time to post and engage on social media? We can help. Social Media makes it easier for your business to listen, interact, and engage with customers. If done correctly, can be time consuming. Yes, you could have someone currently in office do this, but do they have a track record of success in this skill? Do they pull relevant metrics on how your social media is performing? Are they posting information relevant to the customers you are trying to reach? Are they posting often enough? Do they have the time available to plan and execute a social media strategy in addition to their current duties?

Our team can create a business plan to target new customers as well as engage your current customers.

Evaluate Your SEO/Website/Social Media

Starting with your business goals and target audience, we can audit your overall SEO, or your website, or your social media. You’ll get an objective appraisal of strengths and weaknesses. If you’ve tried online audits, you may have noticed that some try to convince you everything is broken. We won’t pull your chain like that. We’ll help you understand what you can do yourself, and what items may benefit from professional attention.

Have you wondered if your web tools are performing? Ask us for help!


Reliable web hosting with solid performance. We carefully compared different hosting systems to provide you with modern, stable technology. All plans also have a baseline level of security enabled at no extra cost. We can also build eCommerce functionality into your Realize hosted project. For sites with high traffic needing top professional performance, we can set up a dedicated server. Ask about our plans.

Website Management

We can do regularly-scheduled maintenance on your existing site. This may be updates to internal software, security scans, scheduled content modifications, or changes to product entries. We can generate a report when tasks are completed.

Advanced management plans include everything from web development to SEO, bundled together in one payment plan. Contact us for details.


Make your site content accessible to all persons, including the disabled.

How many designers think to look at their work from the perspective of someone who is disabled? Not enough. Not only are disabled persons poorly served, but the legal landscape is responding to such unfair practices.

Legal Preparedness

A growing number of national and international laws may apply to your site. Avoid an adverse event! Realize Information Technology can audit your existing site, advise changes, and perform upgrades for you.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is based on strict laws in Europe and is designed to protect consumer privacy. It applies to most sites worldwide.

More about the GDPR …

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) originated in California but, in practice, applies worldwide:

Does CCPA apply to you?

  • Businesses are subject to the CCPA if one or more of the following are true:
    • Has gross annual revenues in excess of $25 million;
    • Buys, receives, or sells the personal information of 50,000 or more consumers, households, or devices;
    • Derives 50 percent or more of annual revenues from selling consumers’ personal information.
  • As proposed by the draft regulations, businesses that handle the personal information of more than 4 million consumers will have additional obligations.

Read more on CCPA …


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