Finding free anti-malware info

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Where will malware pop up? The problem is, you’re not sure where to look for danger. Is malware already in one of your computers? How much damage might it cause? Free anti-malware info is actually right at your fingertips!

This is tough to solve, because malware creators spend a lot of time getting good at doing bad.

Of course, you have anti-virus installed. But the tech media and your own management are recommending vigilance.

Too much to know

You have been tasked with handling normal everyday business. Battle with hostile software authors is a huge distraction.

Computers are very common in the world of business. But, most folks are not computer gurus. They can’t know what’s going on inside that gizmo on their desk.

The first line of defense in keeping bad stuff out of digital devices is you. Even if the way you cope is hire someone. You made that defensive decision.

One thing keeps the average person from making a confident decision: Knowledge. Informed decision demand a solid assessment. Good facts and figures.

You could pull an hour or more out of your every day. Do you want to do that? Can you spare the time?

Rather than handling this yourself, there is professional help available. These folks are publishing excellent advice online. Your challenge is locate these folks.

Let’s try it!

Find Free anti-malware info

Free anti-malware info - Realize Information Technology • computer repair PC and Network • Tulsa OklahomaYou have undoubtedly used Google before. Or another search engine like DuckDuckGo or Bing. These free tools are your ticket to the online cyber gurus.

Get online and go to Let’s say you want information on malware that might effect Microsoft Windows computers. First type the word ‘malware’ all by itself.

Now, type a single space followed by ‘windows’ and then ’10’. You can also ignore the single-quote marks I am using. It should all look like this:

 malware windows 10


Obviously we are typing the number to represent a recent version of Microsoft Windows. Feel free to customize for yourself. Use terms like ‘apple’ and ‘mac’ if you are not using Windows. Search terms do not need to be capitalized.

See the words preceded by a hyphen? That discourages unwanted search returns containing those words.

Tap the Enter key on your keyboard. Here is a screen capture of what I got …

Free anti-malware info - Realize Information Technology • computer repair PC and Network • Tulsa Oklahoma


Just ignore the ads that come up near the top. Now, that brought up reliable sources of tech information, like ZDNet and TechRepublic. But you might want more specialized and recent data.

This search within a given date range, but must be entered in “Julian format.” For example, the string:

   airplane daterange:2458569-2458573

… will search for airplane-based articles over several days in 2019. The word ‘daterange:’ followed by a colon must remain as you see it here. To calculate Julian dates, try:

So, here’s a search by date but using non-Julian terms …

  malware "emerging threats" ("March * 2019" | "March 2019" | 03/19 | 03/*/19)

From that search, we retrieved these three gems:


All done now?

Not quite. Bear in mind that this approach to finding free anti-malware info is DIY (Do It Yourself). Advanced problems that arise will need professional help. For that matter, you may need professional help to interpret your new DIY data. If your Tulsa-area business needs help, feel free to contact Realize Information Technology.

Free anti-malware info BONUS:

Curious about advanced use of search engines? Check this tipsheet …



malware "emerging threats" ("November * 2020" | "November 2020" | 11/20 | 11/*/20)

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