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Are your digital resources in order? Are you looking for a managed service providers in Tulsa (MSPs)?

You have choices! There are many options for business-to-business tech support in Tulsa!

MSPs with high-end $$$ pricing face competition. At the opposite end of that scale are economy-priced services. But, that “bargain” tech support is usually designed for walk-in customers.

To ensure a good fit, select a B2B (business-to-business) vendor.

Identifying customer needs

A Tulsa-based MSP must adapt to customer needs. Client technology needs are unique, which effects their relationship with technicians. Some groups have their own I.T. staff who need an strong relationship with an “outside” resource. For example, at Realize, we understand that strategy guides each client’s technology choices.

Whether in Oklahoma or elsewhere in the U.S., success is often a never-ending quest for a competitive edge.


Planning and Strategy

Managed services provider - Realize Information Technology, Tulsa OK

You see the big picture. It’s one way you have achieved success. On our end, we know technicians can be hyper-focused. Being able to ‘zoom in’ on details is one way Realize has been successful.

Likewise, we know it’s important for our managers and techs to remember your business goals.

Any of us can say the technology is a kind of electronic machinery. And, people are more important than devices.

That’s true.

But, devices are embedded in how we conduct business. In a sense, the job of an MSP is keeping your ‘machinery’ working, so the people can get on with work. Without interruptions.

The software powering your devices should help you achieve new heights. And be profitable.

Let Realize sit down with you. We can assess your current situation and hear you describe what needs to happen.

Topics to bring to the discussion:

  • Enhancing productivity
  • Adapting to changing needs
  • Backup planning
  • Network and Workstation security
  • Employee training


Preventative Monitoring/Maintenance

Managed services provider - Realize Information Technology, Tulsa OK

Who watches your technology while you watch your business?

Above all, someone with an eye on the digital side could keep you up and running. Can they quickly respond?

Realize can be ready to handle any bugs. After assessing your needs, we can track server performance and stability. We have shaped our remote capacity for a world that is socially distanced.

We can also set up critical-issue alerts. Ask us about our different plans and how they can improve your monitoring.


Roots in technology

A ‘connected’ managed services provider

Realize partners with technology leaders like Microsoft, Dell, and APC. They set the bar for quality and performance. Although Realize has become a reseller, we assess major-vendor products as part of our services. This means we are available as technology consultants.

“… there is something to said about a firm with a long history in the business. With this history often comes a documented track record of a company that has proven its ability to fully support IT needs.”


Time is money–that includes downtime. Are the techs you have dealt with thinking like stakeholders in your business? Moreover, can they look at your digital profile from a business perspective?

At Realize, reliability includes:

  • Available 24/7
  • Structured work methods
  • Rapid services delivery
  • System performance
  • Effective communication
  • Understanding goals; not just gear


Is this for you?

You bet!

If your situation resembles any of the following, consider a managed solution from “Realize.”

  • Your own company does not have a dedicated IT department
  • Existing IT support is not performing to your expectations
  • You have internal IT people, but they need help
  • Down time impacts your business and employee productivity
  • You need to lock down the security of your network and systems
  • Paying too much for IT and need to control IT spending
  • You prefer local managed service providers in Tulsa, Oklahoma


Ethics at a managed services provider

Doing business in Tulsa–ideally–means aligning with ethical standards. We’re all Oklahomans together. We can be honest and fair while earning a living.

Managed services provider - Realize Information Technology

“Reasons for doing computer repair ethically are the same as doing any business ethically,” according to a Realize article. “Being fair is better for more people; both one’s self and one’s community. Being unfair may produce quick results. Then, the fallout arrives, and everyone is unhappy. For people who contemplate their relationship with a larger principle, there is a sense of being accountable… Accountable to something more important than our profit this week, and more important than society’s basic need for orderly behavior. It’s an added layer.”

Company culture

The vibe at ‘Realize’ is most apparent during regular “Lunch-and-Learn” events. For example, enjoying a meal together is a good chance to build camaraderie. “Learn” is a review of events and standards, and a chance to suggest improvements. We take into account the unique nature of each business we serve. Our location in Midtown Tulsa is a jumping-off point for techs traveling to client sites.

“Choosing a managed service provider to accommodate your IT needs is no easy feat. There is so much that goes into it that it become a time consuming, exhausting and even frustrating process. It’s a tough road regardless of the paths you take, but when you know what to look for and where you’re going, you’ll get there eventually.”


Typical shopping list for a managed services provider:

  • Years in business
  • Menu of service plans
  • Testimonials from other clients
  • Reliable structured work flow
  • Fast service and response time
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Third-party vendor partnerships
  • Local on-site maintenance and support
  • Daily backups and cloud services
  • Security testing and monitoring
  • Website patches. Most companies and their service providers don’t do this.
  • 24/7 support. Most technicians work during the day.
  • Monitoring: The patience to configure monitoring systems properly
  • Pool of talents; flexibility
  • SLO (Service Level Objectives) escalation
  • Ticketing systems



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    Citizens of Tulsa

    Managed services provider also a neighbor

    “Friendly” and “T-Town” both describe Tulsa, Oklahoma. The name is derived from “tulasi” or “tallasi,” meaning “the old town” in the Muscogee language. But, many people don’t know about Tulsa’s technology boom. It is roughly centered around entrepreneurial basecamp 36 Degrees North (36°N). This is a cluster of innovative digital companies. Realize Information Technology is proud to make their own contribution to this exciting trend.

    Many Tulsans are life-long residents. Ties between locals run deep. It is equally true that residents are welcoming to newcomers. Running into friends at the grocery store, forming lasting relationships with your baristas and having conversations with strangers are all the norm. The community often comes together to celebrate its heritage and common interests.”


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